Golf nearby

Golf nearby The golf club Altötting-Burghausen and its two courses in Piesing (7 km (4.4 mi.)) and Falkenhof (6 km (3.8 mi.)) are close to our hotel. Where Salzach and Alz meet, you can enjoy both courses embedded in a natural landscape.

Level fairways interrupted by slight ascents, edged by leafy trees are courses that offer a real but fair challenge for golfers with any handicap. The courses are 400 m (1,312 ft.) below the usual snow line and can therefore be used for playing during most of the year.


As an official partner hotel of the Golf Club Altötting-Burghausen e.V. our guests receive a reduction of 50% on the day green fee of both courses.

On the other numerous golf courses of the golf region Danube-Inn you'll receive a 20% green fee reduction.

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